Dune playmat

A playmat in sandy tones "just like on the beach" that offers toddlers a comfortable space to relax in safety, to play, read, alone or with parents and friends. Ideal for use at home or when travelling as it can be folded in 2 or 4.

Our Jackino playmat has been designed to encourage children to move freely and explore the world around them at their own pace. An approach based on the principle of "free or spontaneous motor skills" developed in the 1960s by the pediatrician Emmi Pikler. She discovered that not only does a child's motor development occur naturally, but also that this freedom of movement brings an incredible sense of accomplishment and security.

With its pleasant size and dense foam padding, it welcomes your toddler's first movements, which include moving, exploring space, grasping and releasing objects, as well as family time to play, read, dance or do roll-overs. The playmat is therefore not limited to the first few months of your child's life and evolves with him.

Foldable and water-repellent, it has been designed to simplify your daily life. It can stand the little one's drooling or the snack's chocolate stains. A quick wipe and it's all gone. When folded, it is easy to carry and store in a corner of the living room. However, with its nice colours, it is likely to become an integral part of your decor. 

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Foldable mat with 4 squares of 50 x 50 x 3 cm.

Mat cover: 100% Oeko-tex coated cotton

Foam: Oeko-tex polyester

Care and use

Made of easy-care coated fabric (just wipe with a sponge in case of stains), the cover can also be removed and machine-washed at 30°.