Déshabillé douceur féminine

This is a negligee! A mix between a nightie and a bathrobe. A little wonder to lodge you in a surreal softness by the peach skin material while remaining ultra feminine with its ultra plunging neckline. A square cut with a fabric that can be easily applied to your shapes. A cocooning and sexy moment in your ultra soft negligee, to spend moments reading a book in the armchair, having breakfast while feeling like a woman and good about yourself. <3 Onesize. If you have questions contact me : https://www.devine-lingerie.be/fr/contact

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100% Belgian creation and production

Limited edition piece

Artisanal creation

Powder pink peached material

Care and use


Wear it without moderation! For maintenance, hand wash cold, soak it in soapy water and then let it dry flat. You can iron it low or with a wet paw so as not to lose the soft effect!


Nice & such a sweet surprise!

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