Short pastel poudré


Powder pink tulle shorts and Calais lace. Short and transparent shorts to give a surreal color to your skin. A slightly pink pastel color for an inconvenient softness! Her creative touches make the piece unique for the unique woman that you are. A white Calais lace edge on the front, and a simple topstitched finish on the back gives the shorts another dimension. The side is open for more comfort and assured sensuality. Elasticated waist with a candy pink indented elastic and all branded Devine Lingerie. Unique piece and entirely handmade in our Belgian tailor shop <3

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Piece in transparent powder pink tulle and white Calais lace

Belgian creation and production 100%

Unique piece, only one size of each

Handcrafted piece

Care and use


Ideal for the night, for a surprise or a feminine cocooning moment. We recommend pairing it with the sky blue caraco for a creative silhouette. For maintenance, wash by hand, leave to stand in soapy water or cold in a washing net. Especially no dryer.


Nice & such a sweet surprise!

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