Travel Candles Box

Travel candles concept allows you to compose your own candle, choose colors, height, burn time and make it a unique piece.


To compose your candle :

just thread some pebbles of wax on a wick.

Minimum 3 pebbles and maximum 9 pebbles.

Cut the wick to a maximum of 5 mm above the top pebble.

Place your candle on the small base.

Light. Enjoy your your travel candle.

A pebble of wax will burn for about an hour.

Cut down the burnt part of the wick regularly


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This package contains 18 soy wax pebbles, 4 virgin wicks, a small base, a pocket to carry some pebbles on your next trip, escape, getaway, near or far …

The main objects of the box « Bougies de Voyages » are handmade in Belgium by skilled and inspired craftspeople.


Care and use

Don't forget to cut the wick, it should not be longer than half a centimetre.