Alexia van Innis

Changing the world starting with the bathroom

Alexia van Innis
My story, my background

My name is Alexia, 39 years old, mother of 3 wonderful children! Trained as an anthropologist and passionate about bees, my path naturally led me to Magali, also a beekeeper and pharmacist by profession. Following this magical meeting, we had this mutual desire to change the world and what could be more obvious than to do it with our friends the bees!

Being both beekeepers, this reasoned very quickly in us, as an obviousness: "how to value the marvellous treasures of the hive without endangering the colony". From this idea was born this circular and collaborative project! To train families towards a gentle and reasoned beekeeping, respectful of the bees' life cycle and to collect in return wax and propolis to create a range of body care products, good for the skin and for the planet!

Habeebee products are certified organic, handmade in our soap factory at the foot of the Forest of Soignes, produced cold, with beautiful vegetable oils and without any preservatives.

Habeebee is the right balance between man who takes care of bees and bees who take care of man.