Martine Hermans

I create jewellery that reveals us to ourselves through the imprint of nature and our skin.

Martine Hermans
My story, my background

I make jewelry with the prints of the skin or part of the crops and nature. I have created two collections: one dedicated to the body with the imprint of its envelope: the skin. I baptized it epidermic collection essentially composed of unique pieces since they are personalized. The second collection entitled "VEGETAL", was designed to remind us of our common origins (...) ...THE EARTH. It consists of pieces made in small series, earrings, rings and necklaces decorated with semi-precious stones. The collection is delicate and very feminine.


Each piece of jewellery in the Epidermic Collection can be personalised with an imprint of your skin - this is done by taking an imprint with silicone at the gallery or at home. 

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