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Pascale  Degueldre
My story, my background

Like many artists, I speak better with my hands and my heart than with words! I don't like to talk about myself....that's why I leave the floor to my friends who have recognized my talent long before me...

"In love with nature, passionate about beautiful things, this self-taught woman started her career as a decorator in Ibiza.

Life in Ibiza
It is at a time when the enchanting island sees ships full of artists who have come to take advantage of the drunkenness offered by local life, that she puts her suitcases there. She draws her energy from the sun. We love her refined and safe taste, her feminine sensibility, her warm colours, her innovative creations and above all, her unparalleled style. Avant-garde lighting fixtures in cut-out oxidized metal like Cor-ten, 25 years before the trend! She will live there happily with her son for 12 years. It is love that will make her come back to Belgium.

Life in Brussels
Her personality becomes more assertive: she magically transforms any unlikely place into a place where life is good to live and multiplies her creations. A vascular accident opens a new path for her, she discovers through re-education the happiness of plunging her hands into the earth and as an evidence 3D is imposed on her. She threw herself body and soul into sculpture.
And plays with the materials: metal, clay, cellulose, fibres...
Nothing frightens her. Not even welding. In order to master her art from A to Z, she puts on overalls and protective glasses to follow welding courses. 

A man's job? No, a little bit of a woman, feminine to the tips of her fingernails, who has decided to live her passion and carry it out in full autonomy.
Her inspiration: her little mornings that belong only to her, her long walks with her dog in the fields, the colours and lights of nature, the smiles and bursts of laughter from her entourage and the beautiful encounters. Her latest favourite: her new workshop, so inspiring, where her small and large sculptures will come to life... where you will discover her enchanting world! »