Pascale Leblanc

Pleasure, Creation, Uniqueness, Care, Authenticity  

Pascale  Leblanc
My story, my background

The softness of various textures has always attracted me and therefore I started to create, assemble and mix as a child. This adventure really started when I finished a unique and individualized bag for each of my four children.
One common thread : they were all based on four elements: an external cloth, a lining, a coloured zipper and with, as cherry-on-the-cake, their first name embroidered on it. The infatuation was such that I never stopped creating them.

My selection of linen, wood, wild silk, cotton, leather, braid, lace and cord makes it an authentic product fulfilled with extreme pleasure. My inspirations and choices offer my creations a unique style.
Changing your bag daily might be this essential that gives every outfit a new inspiration.