Patrick Alsen Toby

Don't forget to rock and roll !

Patrick Alsen Toby
My story, my background

Abstract journeys

Inspired by my many travels, whatever they may be, and my life as a scenographer, I have created these geometric and abstract compositions recalling vibrant, confusing, sometimes happy...and often nocturnal moments.

I mix colour, transparency, shapes and a strange voluptuousness that I keep intense and secret.

Each composition is the result of an encounter, an experience, a place or a fact, from Zanzibar to Foz Do Uguacu, from the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus to the Ochaya in Kyoto, from Brussels to Brussels, but sometimes also, a pure inspiration, avowable or unavowable, of which I am unaware of the origin and I like that.

Against all odds, I continue to travel, explore, paint and share.