Sylviane Merchez

Manu et corde. With hand and heart…

 Using my surgeon father's motto. There's a tradition of manual labour in the family.

The wisdom and strength of the hand to guide the heart in its search for beauty.

Sylviane Merchez
My story, my background

As a child, drawing was my first language.

I am an archaeologist and Egyptologist by training, with a particular curiosity for the anthropological dimension, in the broadest sense.

If intellectual effervescence regularly inspires me, my hand is my favourite vector of expression. This has led me to accumulate various technical and artistic skills.

I regularly take a journey to the decorative side of my art and, generally speaking, I enjoy mixing different skills, letting myself be surprised by the result but also by the unpredictability of nature.

Among other things, I like to make trays or small tables. These objects, which symbolise giving and availability, allow many variations, where beauty and strangeness can be mixed.

By choice, I develop various themes and ways of expression, as reflections of what stimulates me. Often in series of nine.

I frequently investigate the articulation between inside and outside, in various configurations, from porosity to impermeability. What we affirm, what we receive, what we reject, what is evoked, what we reveal. What is hidden.

Diverse techniques are used: pencil, paint, geopolymer, and various materials, either pure or mixed.

While my creative process usually takes inspiration from my own emotions, I regularly accept personalised commissions when they stimulate my appetite for a challenge.