Tatiana Potapova

Sculpt movement & lightness

Tatiana  Potapova
My story, my background

I have been described as someone full of energy. It is this energy that I would like to breathe into the pieces I work on. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​infusing movement into a sculpture. It is a wonderful challenge, working in bronze, to capture a movement at that moment of  intensity and to give an impression of lightness! My desire is that my works dance, jump and fly ... that they are alive!

Even though it is a childhood passion, I wasn’t a sculptor for many years.  After 15 years working in multinational companies, I decided to follow a proper training in sculpting, in the workshop of Luo Li Rong in Brussels. I also attended the masterclass of sculptor Grzegorz Gwiazda in Barcelona. Since then, I’ve taken part in many exhibitions and shows, such as Antwerp museum night in 2018; did a personal show in the Russian Embassy’s Cultural Centre "Air du temps", and participated in Artcapital Paris in the Grand Palais. Recently in October, I won a Public's Award in the Sculpture Biennale of Lasne.