Yaël Ohayon

One eyes sees, the other feels.

P. Klee


Yaël Ohayon
My story, my background

I like the idea of crossing time through a profession; I like to make candles, objects that have been used for so long, all over the world, throughout the ages and civilizations.

It is an element that belongs to humanity in the sense that candles are present at every party, happy or sad celebrations;

light of our hearts and thoughts;

There is always a time of exposure when lighting a candle, a short downtime that anchors us in the present.

I make candles and other objects from wax to measure, according to my creativity or that of interior architects, creators, artists, designers.

This job gives me the opportunity to meet a multitude of people from very different backgrounds.

I like the idea of ​​transmitting know-how.

I am sharing a family tradition that I have been exploring for many years, which I often distance myself from but to which I regularly return with pleasure and humility.

I love the atmosphere of the workshop, the smell of wax, waxes (bee, paraffin, soy, ...), colors, gold and silver leaves, my tools, which are sometimes made by my care depending on the project, the different molds that are often opaque which forces me to work "blindly", to expect some results, and then sometimes, be surprised by something completely unexpected; "errors" lead to unexpected creativity.

In my creative process, there is initially an inspiring encounter: a painting, a contrast, a phrase, a fabric, a hazardous set of miscellaneous objects that to my eyes present a subtle harmony ...

Then comes the idea of ​​the range of colors.

The colors suggest the texture of the candle, which itself inspires the line, the shape.