This is not Belgium invites itself to the theatre March 24-26 2022

"Tout le plaisir est pour nous", directed by Victor Scheffer

Belgian art is invited to the theatre on the weekend of 24, 25 and 26 March at the Collège Don Bosco in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert!

An invitation that the artists of This is Not Belgium could not refuse... To exhibit on stage... A first and above all a beautiful collaboration between the troupe of the Radieuse Compagnie and the community This is not Belgium. 

Alongside the merry company, you will have the opportunity to discover two artists who embellish the decor: Patrick Bya, photographer and Christophe de Fierlant, painter and poet.

Come and see this comedy! It takes place at Don Bosco College, chaussée de Stockel 270, 1200 Brussels, in the room with the Radieuse Compagnie.

The pitch of the play?

We'll try to keep it simple, but it won't be easy. A pair of publishers, their wives, a telephone operator at 118-218, a computer expert, a boxer and 18 cocker spaniels, a Slavic maid, a German maid from Kugelhoff Strudel, a pithuahua in its basket, a bisexual decorator, a famous writer in need of a publisher. Have we forgotten anything? Oh, yes, a naked woman in the bathroom.

Let's go for 90 minutes of race against the clock to save furniture, face, contracts in a dizzying rhythm.

To book ?  :

tout le plaisir est pour nous