Ysabel Valentin

Your stories and your passions, my colors.

Ysabel Valentin
My story, my background

I have always been fascinated by stories. Tales, fables, myths and legends. I have the chance to practice a profession made of stories! Small and big, happy or sad, always authentic.  The stories of the clients that I accompany in companies, because they want to live it to the full, their history.

And then there is the story of the Ateliers de Sophie S. One day, I pushed the door open. I was looking for a creative hobby. And I discovered acrylic paint, collages, patience, diluted paint, texture and splashes of colour. The passion shared above all, between these women who are so different and so close at the same time. And this passion, I wanted to share it beyond the walls of Sophie S.'s Workshops. 

Your stories, your emotions and your passions, I capture them to create lamps from empty paint cans. Lamps that resemble you: unique and original, positive and joyful. 

A few photos, a few words, a poem, a passion. I cut, arrange, compose and paste the images one by one. Above the pictures, some plaster patterns to give rhythm and relief. I don't like it when it's too smooth, too wise. I like it when it vibrates, when it catches on a little, softly. 

And then, the colour. In touches, spray or pour.  And white too, a little bit everywhere, to bring light. 

And sometimes, as a conclusion, a few joyful splashes to make the whole thing sparkle: gold, a sparkle of mother-of-pearl or a touch of fluo.