Celine Kegeleirs

"It is our gaze that often locks others into their narrowest appearances, and it is our gaze too that can set them free."

Amin Maalouf



Celine Kegeleirs
My story, my background

Photographer for over 20 years, I specialize in macro photography. Travelling and color have always been part of my universe. Currently, my work is oriented on games of contrasts White and Black and bright colors. I like to give a cadence in the reading of my works.

In the press: "Her sense of detail is extraordinary. Celine is able to capture the emotion of the photo like no other. She distinguishes herself from other photographers by using a specific technique, making her colors come alive. Proud owner of the young collective Active 4 Art, an artist to watch as this is just the beginning." (Balthasar Brussels, Sablon 2020)