Renting or financing artworks

The advantages of financing or renting artworks - with or without buying option.

  • Enhancing your image: The presence of artworks in your business premises allows you to enhance the image of your company with your partners and customers, and possibly also allows you to affirm your local roots. Art allows you to embellish and humanise your offices. It is also a source of motivation and inspiration for your employees.


  • Spreading the cost: You spread the cost over 13 to 48 months. This staggering allows you not to affect your cash flow. 


  • Tax deductibility: As a company, self-employed person or liberal profession, 100% of the monthly payments for rented artworks as well as the related acquisition costs (transport, hanging, insurance) are tax deductible as part of the installation of the offices.  


Contact us for more information on the various purchase or rental possibilities.