What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are systematically indicated on each product sheet. They vary from one Creator to another.

How can I track my package?

When the product has been shipped by the Creator, you will find in your "Customer area" information allowing you to track your package: the shipping date, the name of the carrier, the delivery terms, the probable date of receipt and, for most creators, a tracking number.

I have a delivery problem: my package did not arrive on time.

If the package did not arrive on time, you can ask the Creator about it using the messaging system integrated into your customer area.

The Creator will make the necessary checks and research in order to understand the problem. It may be a simple delay or an incorrect address. Sometimes the carrier may lose the package or it may be stolen. The Creator will then initiate an investigation with his carrier. To do this, he will need a copy of your identity card and a certificate of honor of non-receipt of the package and refusal of the package if it arrived. Thanks to these documents, he will be able to open an investigation.

Why do I have to pay several times the shipping costs?

Because each Creator has his own workshop and your order is sent directly from his home to yours. If you buy from several Creators, you will therefore receive several parcels, from different origins.