This is not Belgium offers a unique experience to businesses by providing art for embellishment, gathering, inspiration, motivation, and unity, as well as expressing gratitude.

By integrating art into their professional environments, businesses create an inspiring atmosphere, foster creativity, and strengthen connections within their community..


Art for Embellishment

  1. Briefing Consultation: We take the time to discuss with you in order to understand your needs, preferences, and vision for embellishing your workplace. We want to ensure we grasp your expectations and understand the spirit you wish to convey through art.
  2. Embellishment Proposal(s): Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our creative team works on embellishment proposals tailored to your company. These proposals take into account your activities, values, brand personality, and colors.
  3. Choice between Purchase or Rental/Financing: After selecting the embellishment proposal that best suits your expectations, you have the choice between two options: directly purchasing the artworks or opting for rental/financing. Choose the option that fits your budget and needs best. It's worth noting that art rental offers certain tax advantages, allowing a 100% deduction of the artwork and related rental expenses.
  4. Implementation: We take care of any necessary framing, transportation, and hanging of the artworks in your workplace. You won't have to worry about logistical details; we handle everything so that you can fully enjoy art in your professional environment.

Art for Gathering

Art is a powerful means of bringing people together and facilitating exchanges. We are delighted to offer the following services to help you create moments of sharing:

  1. Exhibitions: We can organize art exhibitions in your offices or dedicated venues, providing your employees, clients, or partners with a unique artistic experience. The exhibitions can be tailored to your needs, whether to illustrate your activities, promote change, or simply enhance your events.
  2. Conferences: We offer conferences on various art-related topics, for example, "Resilience and Kintsugi." We can also define a specific theme that aligns with your objectives.
  3. Talks: For example, a theme could be "Innovation and Creativity." This provides an opportunity to explore the links between business and art, innovation, and creativity, fostering enriching discussions.

Art to Inspire, Motivate and Unite

How about a creative workshop to illustrate your company's vision or convey its values? This is a unique opportunity to stimulate your employees' creativity, actively involve them, and strengthen their sense of belonging to your company.

Here's how we can organize this creative workshop:

  1. We'll start by working closely with you to understand your company's vision and core values. This will allow us to create a clear framework for the creative workshop and ensure that the participants' creations are in harmony with these key elements.
  2. Collage Workshop Design: The workshop will enable participants to visually translate your company's vision and values through their creations.
  3. Workshop Supervision: We'll provide professional supervision during the workshop, guiding participants through their creative process and encouraging them to express their ideas artistically. We'll ensure that the workshop is interactive, inspiring, and motivating for all participants, regardless of their level of artistic experience.
  4. Exhibition of Creations: Once the creations are completed, we can organize an exhibition to showcase them. This will reinforce the participants' sense of pride and achievement.

The objective of this creative workshop is to inspire, motivate, and unite your employees by allowing them to actively contribute to illustrating your company's vision and values. The artistic creations will serve as tangible evidence of your team's commitment and creativity.

Art to express Gratitude

Art is a wonderful way to express gratitude to your employees, partners, and clients. You can opt for personalized artistic gifts, choose pieces that match each individual's tastes and interests, or select creations that reflect your company's image.

Using art to express gratitude demonstrates your consideration and desire to create unique and meaningful experiences.