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This is Not Belgium is an e-Shop that proposes Craft, Art and Design made in Belgium with Passion while promoting Belgian Culture and Surrealism.

The Mission of “This is Not Belgium” is two-fold :

Offer you, Belgian Artists, Craftsmen & Designers, the opportunity of

  • A qualitative & unique online distribution channel.
  • A local ancrage by being part of the “This is Not Belgium” Community.
  • Getting the support of the local and peer Community.
  • The benefit of the network effect to increase your sales and notoriety.

Offer Consumers, something they don’t find in a standardized world.

  • Products created, designed by proud Belgian Creators.
  • Quality is in the design, the execution as well as in choice & origin of raw materials.
  • Passion, creativity and savoir faire is behind each piece of art/craft proposed.
  • “Pieces uniques” with its irregularities and small imperfections that make them so charming.
  • It’s nice, it’s different, I want to offer it to myself and others.
  • A responsible consumption.

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