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"This is Not Belgium" is an e-shop and community that showcases visual art created in Belgium while promoting Belgian culture and surrealism.

At "This is Not Belgium," we believe that integrating art into our understanding of the world will enable us to conceive more humane, creative, ethical, and sustainable solutions. These are crucial elements for addressing the complex challenges facing our society today. As René Magritte said, "We must search for the not yet seen."

The mission of "This is Not Belgium" is threefold:

  • To help Belgian artists and designers increase their visibility and thereby enhance the success of their work.
  • To provide companies with the opportunity to beautify their offices, bring people together, enhance their brand, inspire, motivate, and unite their employees and partners.
  • To offer consumers an online catalog of a selection of unique and Belgian artworks, with the possibility of viewing the artworks in a gallery house.


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