You want to convey emotion in your workplace. Today, we know that the connection between art and business has an impact on teams.   Art allows you to beautify and humanise your offices. It is also a source of motivation and inspiration for your employees. 

Art as a source of creativity and imagination to bring the human being back to the centre of attention. 


Are you thinking of embellishing your offices with Belgian art?

Not easy to make a choice? 

To each his own ;)  Let our artistic advisor help you. Based on your type of company, your vision, your values, the colours of your company and your wishes, she will propose an ideal setting.  The perfectly chosen artworks will nourish your brand. 


One more reason not to hesitate?

This is Not Belgium offers multiple acquisition possibilities: financing/renting with or without buying option or how to buy without affecting your cash flow.  Possibilities that allow you to deduct up to 100% of the monthly payments from your taxes.


Would you like to invite art into your events? 

It can also be done by organising a creative workshop, conference or dialogue that would allow you to reflect and highlight your key messages and values. As each company is different, we offer tailor-made solutions.

Affirm your local roots, enhance your company's image. Contact us :  francoise@thisisnotbe.be