Patrick Bya

The important thing is to love people, nature, creations to perceive this world full of ingenuity, factor of emotions.

Patrick Bya
My story, my background

As a marketing man and corporate film maker, the world around me is moving fast; faster and faster...

Technology facilitates our daily life, and takes us into a constant connectivity where speed has become a social virtue.

Did it take a virus and a confinement to refocus, to realise that we need to circulate differently, consume locally, and allow nature to regain its rights a little?

Has slowness not become a luxury; a way of subverting modernity?

In my free time, I take pleasure in slowing down the pace; in taking the time to look at the world around me in a different way.

My photographic technique combines a 360 degree roll and a long exposure.

I introduce at the heart of my writing this stretching of time that brings us back to our origins, our capacity to abandon and let go. This art of living where time becomes again this essential: the starting point of an individual and collective questioning which perhaps will transform our relationship with the world which surrounds us.

Recreating ourselves, imagining new points of reference transforms our relationship to eternity and the brevity of life.