Pay in installments

Let the Beautiful, the Belgian, the Sustainable, the Emotional, the Art enter your home.

The advantages of purchasing artworks on an installment basis:

You spread the cost over several months: 6 to 36 months through regular installments. This staggered purchase does not affect your company's cash flow. It simply allows you to treat yourself and start a collection without having to pay a large amount at once.
As a company, self-employed person or liberal profession, 100% of the acquisition costs (transport, hanging, insurance) relating to the purchase of the work are tax deductible.
The presence of Belgian artworks in your business premises allows you to assert your local roots while enhancing the image of your company with your partners and customers.

As you can see, purchasing artworks on This is not Belgium means buying sustainably by supporting Belgian artists while optimising your tax situation.

This is not Belgium works in partnership with LenArt to offer you this service. LenArt is a Belgian company, trusted, professional and fully aligned with the Belgian tax administration.