BrieucC .

look, it's all there ! And now go.

BrieucC .
My story, my background

Born in Brussels on 24 August 1976, BrieucC comes from a family of artists and took drawing and painting lessons using the Martenot method during his childhood. He developed a sensory approach and learned to feel the balance of shapes, volumes and colours.

Fascinated and attracted by light since his childhood, it is for BrieucC an essential element in his artistic approach. For him the best way to represent light is to use it.

In 2014, he created his first work incorporating light.

This work: "The door", is highly symbolic for him, and marks the beginning of a new life. He then feels the need to pursue this road and feels the deep desire to create again and again.

It was obvious to him that he should devote himself entirely to the development of his art and his profession as an artist.

From the beginning, his research focused on movement, light and colour. This led him to create and continually develop his own artistic technique. This technique is unique and combines woodwork, drawing, graphic and chromatic composition, mathematics, painting and (white) lighting.

BrieucC's luminous works of art are made up of combinations of straight lines (cut-outs) and colours, and create surprise and questioning.

His work takes three distinct artistic directions:

The kinetic, the optical and the contemplative.

Each of these directions has its own particularity and its own artistic intention. In all cases for him, light and creation are inseparable: one is nothing without the other.

The artist's works really come to life when the light shines on them, revealing what they are, which is when he calls them and describes them as true "living works". The latter offer the possibility for everyone to come into contact with them, simply by contemplating them or by interacting with them in movement. He considers that there is a real relationship between the work and the viewer, who is the driving force behind it.

His unique style is resolutely pure and contemporary and is part of kinetic and optical art.