Dominique Gringoire

"Art and poetry can save the world."

Dominique Gringoire
My story, my background

“Awaken the imagination to support the mind”

Dominique Gringoire, born 1960 – founder of DG- Creative’s Box Experience.

I define myself as an atypical intuitive worker… neither a therapist nor a psychologist, just someone who reveals talents.

After working as a creator of interiors, I now create inner lives.

We have all experienced times of great loneliness in the face of lack of dialogue.

So often, I have been a helpless witness to conflicts of taste between couples among my clients…which sometimes led to irreparable quarrels and breakups.

For over 20 years, I applied my creativity to decorating, the design of spaces, the staging of interiors. My love of unexplored territory and novelty has enabled me to develop considerable observational and listening skills and the ability to deliver a message with subtlety.

An interior designer listens to her client, their wishes, their needs, to design living spaces. That was the area I found most frustrating, in which clumsiness and communication failures turn into insurmountable obstacles.

I then began to look for means of expression other than words and came up with the idea of having my clients work with moodboards.

My clients and I were then able to resolve disagreements by means of an entertaining and seemingly simple exercise: collage. In a humorous way, my clients discovered their similarities and were then able to work together in the same direction.

Now, I have decided to use this artistic sensibility to support all positive, open-minded, involved individuals who are determined to take charge of their own lives. Using diverse methods such as wordplay, images, colours and materials, I stimulate creativity and, with both rigour and kindness, I teach narrative construction. Once you have mastered this art, you are in possession of a tool that enables you to construct any project and share it with most people. It also, quite simply, enables people to manage their tensions and conflicts and learn to modulate their relationships.

My research cultivates the relationship between words & language (left brain) / imagery & symbols (right brain).

I use the art of collage to stimulate the creativity of all positive, open-minded, involved individuals who are determined to take charge of their own lives.

The creative process draws on the imagination, intuition and emotions and uses words, imagery and colours to directly access the essence of people’s being. A dynamic emerges and a model appears beyond rational thought: an intuitive wisdom.

The dynamic of creation generates multiple and diverse variations. It enables people to practise reinventing themselves and, each time, innovate. To change your way of approaching reality causes reality to change.

The art of collage, which involves cutting out images or photographs and causing a creation to emerge, is a particularly rich art, the exploration of which enables you to return to your inner child.

Among all the ideas that come into our heads, how do we choose those that will nourish our energy and enable us to progress towards our goal?

The process of associating wordplay with imagery enables us to detach from the conscious mind and acts as a developer, a guide, a riddle. It transports us into the expression of our creativity and translates ‘intuitive’ language into new avenues and personal awakening.

This is a meditative experience. Each of my works invites the viewer to go on a journey and engage with images.