Patrick Gerola

To create art is to constantly refine one's own style, without worrying about fashions or major artistic trends.

Patrick Gerola
My story, my background

Contemporary artist born in 1959 in Brussels, Patrick Gerola grew up in an artistic background, as his mother was a painter. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Brussels, and then started to work in 1981 with Micha Van Hoecke, director of the Maurice Béjart’s ballet school and choreographer of the of the company “L’ensemble”, as a stage designer. In 1983, Patrick left for Japan, and since then, it is with passion that he has exclusively devoted himself to art creation through various media.

At the crossroads of three cultures: Belgium, Italy and Japan.

With a perspective on stage artwork Patrick Gerola developed his own sense of colour, space, movement and structure. The origin of all his artworks always has a three-dimensional inspiration. Along with his admiration of the Flemish masters and the great Italian artists, it is the traditions, Patrick is inspired by the traditions, the scenery and the customs of Japan.

A light out of the dark.

The secret of his vivid colours lies in the fact that Patrick Gerola  prepares his own paints. His invention inspired by the fresco painting technique, which he draws from the pictorial technique "al fresco": he mixes resin into natural pigments "iwa enogu", traditionally used in Japanese painting "Nihonga". The pigments give the paintings the glow and transparency of precious stones. He loves painting at night, while listening to music, with a subdued light, as he can then easily adjust the intensity and the unique brightness of his colours. 

Dauntless and simple at heart.

Not fully figurative nor particularly abstract, Patrick’s works reach the deepest  subjectivity, the one nestled in the heart. The vivid colours that light up his landscapes cannot be found as such in nature, but you can feel them. Colour always drives his artworks, like the Manneken-Pis sculptures he renewed in various formats and covered with his paintings. His sense of colour reveals a  mystery that lies in the fantasy world behind the canvas.

Major achievements


2019  Modern Art Museum Tokyo, Hanbi 2019 Exhibition, The National Art Center, Japan / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan /                                Retrospective at the  Gallery Kristal & Glam, Tokyo, Japan / Art Plus Shanghai, Art Fair, China

2017  Exhibition at the 2017 Shanghai Art Fair, China

2016  Acquisition of “Bouquet” by the Belgian State, Embassy of Belgium, Japan / Retrospective at Ikeda Museum 20th Century of Art, Japan                / Acquisition by Ikeda Museum 20th Century of Art, Japan / Exposes a sculpture in Roppongi Hills Arena, Mori Tower, on the occasion                  of 150 years of friendship between Japan and Belgium, Japan

2015  Produces a painted sculpture, order of the Tourist Office Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium for All Nippon Airways, ANA, Japan

2013  Acquisition by the Belgian State, INASTI, Belgium

2010  His work is represented at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, a painted sculpture “Washi”, part of the collection of the Kingdom of Belgium,               Japan

2009  Finishes the 9㎡ “Creation” and a 2.20 m high painted sculpture permanently exposed at the Brussels Airport in Belgium                                       (from                2009 at 2018)

2008  Creates ten 2.20 meter high painted sculptures, Japan

2006  Exhibits at the Imperial Villa of Numazu, Japan / Creates a painting with diamonds for the evening of Charity “Sherill Blossom” in the                                            presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamadonomya, Japan / Exhibition of the work “Matsuri” at the Diamond Museum of the province of                      Antwerp, Belgium (from 2006 at 2011)

2005  Retrospective at the Mercian Karuizawa Art Museum, Japan  / Creates a 20 ㎡ painting for the show “Japonida” for the Belgian day on                  June              14, at the Aichi World Fair, Japan

2003  Appointed Honorary Citizen of the commune of Forest (Brussels) for his cultural contributions,  Belgium.

2000  Creates a 12㎡ painting for the Helena Berthelius dance company for their production, “The eyes of the sky”, in Tenerife, Spain

2001  Decorates and animates the festivals honoring the King of Belgium (every November 15th)  at the Residence of the Belgian Embassy                                          in Tokyo, (from 1998 to 2001) Japan

1998  Acquisition by the Belgian State “Kamakura in full bloom” Embassy of Belgium

1985  Artistic decoration for the French Pavilion at the Tsukuba World Exhibition, Japan