Geneviève Lagasse, Being a Belgian artist? An invaluable opportunity.

Geneviève is a sculptor. At the age of 45 she finds her inspiration in life, people, details, lights, materials, movement, and discovery. Her mind teems with emerging and intertwining ideas, desires she wishes to fulfill and share, and needs to explore and exploit.

Many years after taking sculpture classes, she now evolves as a solitary artist, allowing her to create her own artistic bubble and remain true to her instincts, without being heavily influenced by external factors.

She alternates between bronze and clay, occasionally adding external accessories such as paper or wood. She regularly challenges herself with technical feats, while her ideas mature over time and the most promising ones eventually take shape one day.

Sculpture enables her to maintain a harmonious balance between her creative side and her disciplined approach. Bringing an initial idea to life requires a certain discipline and technical mastery to achieve a coherent result. Sculpting also entails embracing a slow pace, inviting calmness and reverie.

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What she appreciates in Belgium is the opportunity to surround herself with diverse personalities and temperaments, without pretension. Whether they are artists or the audience, whether they are BCBG individuals, amateurs, or connoisseurs, they all easily laugh at who they are and what they do. This famous Belgian self-deprecating humor is well present and evident.

Surrealism allows some artists to create works, whether theatrical or visual, by fearlessly combining elements that do not naturally belong together, things that seem impossible. Integrating daylight and nighttime lights in a single composition, transforming a large cat into an artwork in the heart of Paris, singing to a bourgeois audience that they are pigs... None of this is meant to be provocative. This form of Belgian surrealism appears to be a highly personal expression of the artist, who is not necessarily seeking to please, sell, or promote themselves, but rather to express, have fun, or sometimes even denounce.

It is likely this surrealism (which is not limited solely to the artistic realm) that instills a certain confidence in Belgian artists when exhibiting their works, believing that if an idea has come to them, it deserves to be expressed. It is an immeasurable opportunity!

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