BrieucC. The art of movement and light.


In a few words, who are you?

Born in 1976, my artist name is BrieucC. I am passionate and attracted by movement and light. I was lucky to have a mother who was an artist and who introduced me to drawing and painting during my childhood. And a father with a rigorous, logical and thoughtful mind who taught me the meaning of work well done. You could say that I have both!


When and how did you get into your art?

In 2014, I made a piece that I had wanted to make for years. This one represented a door and incorporated light for the first time. I made a radical change in my life since then I have devoted myself entirely to the development of my art by constantly seeking how I could make it evolve.


What does this discipline bring to you?

My work brings me the joy of creating, of moving forward every day in what I do. The creative process stimulates me constantly and never stops. It is quite exhilarating!


What makes your art unique?

My art is quite singular, as until now I have not seen anyone approaching kinetic art the way I do in the form of angled cuts. I have been working for years on improving the visual effects I propose. A work on the movement itself and in interaction with the viewer but also a work of chromatic composition on the backgrounds that constitute some optical works in the background. I used mathematics and I prepare my projects on computer to facilitate my work.


What do you think are the important qualities of an artist?

I think that the qualities of the artist are first of all to trust oneself, to always move forward, to look, to open up, to persevere and finally to dare!


BrieucC. Kinetic art, optical art, light art, visual art . atelier


What do you consider to be the characteristics of a Belgian artist?

I don't think that Belgian artists are very different from other artists. All artists have the same desire to create, to express something. I would say that the particularity of the Belgian artist is to have had the chance to be born in Belgium, a small and charming country, full of contrasts and compromises.








If we start with the definition of R. Magritte who says that "to be surrealist is to banish from the mind the already seen and to seek the not yet seen", you are in the middle of surrealism.  What is surrealism for you?

For me surrealism is the expression of something unconventional, which consequently invites a way of seeing that is totally free in its interpretation. I have heard this amusing anecdote: one day René Magritte's wife asked him what he meant in his paintings. He answered that he didn't know and that he didn't care because the art critics would certainly find an explanation for them!


Why is surrealism important?

Because it is not based on anything absolutely objective and does not freeze the spectator in a determined position. The mind is free, it can fly away, travel and in turn create... It is in a way a walk of the imagination, a bubble of oxygen more than necessary in a world sometimes a little too frozen.


What do you like about Belgium that you cannot find anywhere else?

French fries and poulycrock with Andalusian sauce, samurai, dallas... incredible varieties of beers... These are places, symbols, accents, personalities, landscapes, folklore, ... that make Belgium what it is and why we are attached to it.